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Zibo Yongzheng Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is close to Nanding coal mine, and is next to the National Highway 205, enjoying good location and beautiful environment.  

 Founded in 1992, the company has occupied floor area of 10,300 sq. meters, building area of 4,675 sq. meters, 7 section offices, 3 workshops, 88 sets of inspection devices (coiling machine, semi-automatic cutting machine, crimping machine etc.) and 68 sets of welding equipments.

The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture, maintenance and calcination of Class I/ClassII pressure vessels, stainless steel non-standard equipments and glasslining equipments, including various glasslining retorts, glasslining storage tank and glasslining distillation retorts etc., which are well received all around China.

We strictly abide by related national and industry regulations, and have built sound Q.C. system as per GB/T19000 standard to ensure quality and safety. Each product must be under the strict inspection and check of the related municipal security authorities.

"Yongzheng" brand steel pressure vessels and glasslining container products all have traceability, and thus are quality trustworthy products.

Sticking tot the business philosophy of "Quality Based, Market Centered", and upholding the tenet of "Quality, Efficiency and Technology", we offer customers quality products and services.